In Calinor, we produce flexible polyurethane foam to meet the needs of comfort through hard work, perseverance, and dedication. We have gained experience and knowledge to create, innovate, and develop products for different market segments.

Corporate Philosophy


To develop flexible polyurethane products, providing comfort to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. To lead by example with ethics, leadership and responsibility while generating profits for the company, caring for the environment and providing excellent benefits to our staff.


To lead in the production of flexible polyurethane products, having a sustained growth increase by covering the national and international markets and its different segments. Innovating and developing new products that meet changing market needs. Caring for the environment and promoting human development.


  • Service: Friendly service that meets with our customers’ expectations.
  • Confidence: Committed in providing the best results with responsible behavior.
  • Respect: To build better relationships with others.
  • Excellence: An achievement that stands out for its perfection, gathering all attributes.
  • Leadership: To achieve a common purpose with effective team work.
  • Quality: To ensure full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers, developing improvement processes in all activities.
  • Honesty: Building our reputation by keeping our word.
  • Innovation: Creating new products, services and projects.
  • Commitment: Taking responsibility and comply fully and effectively.


Calinor S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company founded in 1972. In their early years they built the foundations for the manufacture and products’ sales that were required by the furniture industry in Baja California. In 1985, they begin with the diversification of their products to different segments of the industrial market, as well as its position in the Mexican market. In the early 1990’s a cluster is created, which starts marketing the carpet cushions and Styrofoam in the U.S. market.

Environmental Care.

The environment includes the ecosystem, which is composed of living things, water, earth, air, as well as intangibles such as culture and the relationships between them. Everything that surrounds the living and its influence on its future generations.

In Calinor we have structured a methodology that we apply to the processes and procedures. We have the necessary systems to recycle the scrap generated from the products we make and buy.

Our machinery, production equipment and facilities have control devices that constantly monitor energy consumption to maintain maximum savings. We are committed to a culture of environmental care; therefore, we constantly improve for your benefit.