Flexible Polyurethane

The flexible polyurethane foam (foam rubber) is one of the most versatile padding materials available. It provides comfort, support and durability. Thanks to its variety in density and hardness, it can be used in different industries for the manufacture of a variety of products in the following types of foam rubber: flame retardant, conventional, antistatic, antibacterial, memory foam and bonded.

Memory Foam

It’s a type of flexible polyurethane foam and its main characteristic is its memory, which allows it to mold in the structure by distributing its pressure over its entire surface. It is mainly used to make mattresses, pillows, and medical rehabilitation products.


This type of foam is designed for those products that need to be packaged to avoid generating or being in contact with static power that may damage electronic components such as microchips, printed circuit boards and other electronic components..


This product consists of a mixture of ground particles of flexible polyurethane foam, and its main features are its high density and hardness. This product is ideal for mattresses, furniture, packaging, carpet and laminate padding.

TR Automotive

This product is composed of a mixture of flexible polyurethane foam, fabric and plastic film. With these features the product can be used in quilting processes of upholstered seats in cars, boats, airplanes, furniture and more. We manufacture it in different densities and hardness, without retardant or flame retardant.

Carpet Cushion

The carpet cushion is a product that provides cushioning to the floors covered with carpet, slowing wear and providing greater comfort when walking. The benefits offered by Calinor’s Carpet Cushion are luxury, quietness, resilience, cleaning, insulation and durability.


Through high tech engineering, Calinor has developed this new product that is designed for laminate floor with the optimum thickness for comfort and stability. It’s formed by a combination of bonded flexible foam coated with a film which forms a moisture barrier.


  • Luxury
  • Durability, extends the life of the floor.
  • Cushioning between the floor and subfloor.
  • Moisture protection.
  • Noise absorbent and provides great comfort when walking in it.
  • Works as a thermal barrier reducing the sensation of a cold floor.
  • Fixes slight subfloor irregularities.
  • Quick and easy to install.

Meets requirements and specifications for use in the most demanding commercial and residential installations.