Calinor manufactures flexible polyurethane fabric-laminated foam products for the automotive industry, used for seat cushioning with quilting processes of different densities and hardness.

We also have products designed especially for padding floors and trunks of cars, consisting of a plastic laminate that forms a moisture barrier.


For the mattress industry, we have flexible polyurethane foam, with or without fire retardant, in different densities and hardness, bonded foam and memory foam. These products are designed to provide a balance of hardness, comfort and durability.


Calinor produces flexible polyurethane foam with the specifications required by the packaging industry. It can be used for electronic devices, laboratory samples, food and construction materials, etc.


Calinor manufactures flexible polyurethane foam mattresses, memory foam and bonded. In single, full, queen and king size, or any custom measure.

For floor covering, we have carpet cushions laminated with biodegradable mesh, carpet cushions coated with antibacterial and a moisture barrier for regular and laminate flooring.

The Institutional products we manufacture are designed with the qualities needed by hotels, condos, executive offices, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, airports and casinos.


Our technology for the manufacture of flexible polyurethane foam is key in developing a wide variety of products such as mattresses with and without fire retardant, antibacterial treatment, orthopedic and dry floatation mattresses, for its use in the medical industry

By providing our technological expertise, we support the development of innovative solutions improving the comfort, durability and profitability of your operations.


We manufacture flexible polyurethane foam and bonded products with the necessary specifications for the padding of all types of furniture, in different densities and hardness. We design any kind of seat cushions, back and arm cushions for the industry.